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Salon Services 

Women's shampoo/ Haircut
starts at $30.00
Shampoo/ Haircut/ Blowdry  starts at $40.00
Shampoo/ Style
starts at $25.00
Men's Shampoo/ Cut 
starts at $25.00
Kids Haircut 
starts at $15.00
Chemical Services
Color Retouch 
starts at $60.00
All over color, root to tip 
starts at $70.00
10 Foil highlight (includes toner and style)  
starts at $50.00
Partial Highlight
starts at $70.00 
Full head of highlights starts at $95.00
 Perm starts at $65.00
10 Foil highlight/color/ haircut 
starts at $125.00
starts at $160.00
All over color/haircut
starts at $95
Toner Only
starts at $25 
starts at $85 
Eyebrows   $15
Lip  $10
Chin   $10
Cheek   $15
*** "Starts at" pricing refers to the length and/or thickness of the hair.***


The consultation is a detailed meeting where we discuss all of your questions and
concerns and choose the correct hairstyle to best suit you on  your special day. Consultations are not mandatory but they are strongly encouraged. When you choose
 to do a verbal and/or trial consultation, you are more guaranteed to have a stress
free wedding day.

Ciao Bella is also available for on location. A travel fee of $30 will be added for on location services within San Antonio and $45 for services outside of San Antonio within 30 miles. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to book your day. Money is collected when services are rendered for trial, bridal portrait, or wedding day. 

Verbal Consultation (For Hair and/or Make-Up)

Trial Consultation (For Hair or Make-Up)  $50.00 
 Bridal Hair Rates  
 Bridal Portrait Hair   $70.00
Wedding Day
 Bride  $70.00
 Additional Attendee (ages 11 and up)  $65.00
 Flower Girl (ages 10 and under)  $30.00
Make-up Application (prices include both regular & airbrush)

Partial Face (Includes concealing, foundation, contouring, blush)  
Ages 11 and up  $45.00
Ages 10 and under  $25.00
Full Face  
Bride  $70.00
Ages 11 and up   $65.00
Ages 10 and under   $35.00
False Eyelash Extensions  $15.00
Package Deals  
Hair/Make-Up  $120.00
Bridal Hair/Make-Up   $130.00

Airbrush Information
One of the most demanded services for new brides-to-be is Airbrush Make-up because of its amazing abilities. Airbrush is a fine mist of spray on foundation sprayed from an air compressor that gently covers the skin. Because the make-up comes out of the airbrush as little fine micro dots, it lays on the surface of the face creating a flawless finish not exaggerating the pores. This process conceals better while allowing your skin to breathe. Traditional make-up can look cakey and thick. Airbrush make-up mists on a light veil of color and allows your true skin tone to show through. The most amazing characteristic is the ability to create a custom blended color to match your skin seamlessly for the most natural look. Here are some added benefits of using airbrush make-up:

* More sanitary than traditional make-up application
* Lightweight
* Buildable coverage
* Covers tatoos and scars
* Minimizes skin imperfections
* Water resistant and lasts 12-18 hours
* Suited for women of all ages and skin conditions
* Hypo allergenic and fragrance free
* Suitable for HD television
* Never cakey or heavy
* Holds in high humidity 

One your wedding day, all eyes and cameras will be focused on you and you will want to look your absolute best. But sometimes finding the perfect wedding hairstyle can be extremely frustrating. Together we can find the style that best compliments your gown and accessories and overall look.

Film & Fashion

With over 6 years experience in hair and make-up, I am available for all types of media work including print, film, television, runway, theater, fashion/editorial, and live events.  I provide camera ready make-up services with passion, creativity, and professionalism to guarantee a successful event or show. I am based in San Antonio and the surrounding areas but I am available for travel.  Day Rate starts at $200